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Sanitation & Disinfection Services

Protect your family and business from COVID-19

We do Sanitizing, Germicides, and Anti-microbial treatments

  • Organic Material
  • Environment friendly solution
  • Kill bacterias on-site
  • EPA approved electro static sprayer

Sanitation & Disinfection Services

Protect your family and business from COVID-19

We do Sanitizing, Germicides, and Anti-microbial treatments

  • Organic Material
  • Kill bacterias on-site
  • Environment friendly solution
  • EPA approved electro static sprayer

What Disinfection Service offers?

Our disinfection service offers you the peace of mind in being in a healthy clean environment without constantly worrying of the threat of infection. We provide the highest cleaning tools that are effective in combating bacteria, and infections. You may be wondering what makes our system so unique and different from other cleaning and disinfection services. Our team is made up of technicians who have been highly trained to perform this job and deal with any kind of problem and scenario.

  • Disinfection service that is high quality for any home, business, and recreation spaces.
  • We turn any place into a safe space and 100% germs and bacteria free.
  • Visible and effective results
  • Reduce any infection rate so you and your loved ones are safeguarded.
  • Effective disinfection against pollens, allergens, dandruff, mold and mildew, spores.
  • We provide an affordable, fast and effective service to eliminate 99.999% of bacteria
  • Our chemical solution is using toxic-free chemical solutions


Our disinfecting service will provide you with the comfort and safety that many inefficient products and services lack. We only use high quality equipment, and with environmentally friendly chemical solutions. Trust us when we say that we will never use chemical formulas that can be harmful to you or your loved ones.

We have carefully selected each of the steps that are part of our disinfection service. Our service is adaptable to any place and any surface. We pride ourselves that we have the experience allowing us to design a safe and effective disinfection protocol. Our mission is to keep your home and any work area free of bacteria and infections that may cause you and your family different diseases and complications for your health. Our final goal is to provide completely bacteria-free and safe environments for our clients and the communities around us.

A traditional cleaning will not be effective in eliminating the threat of infection. Cleaning any surface to remove dirt as much as possible is not generally the idea we are doing. Other cleaning companies don’t do these types job very deeply, and although all surfaces may look clean, there will be a huge amount of germs, bacteria and infections that can be activated at any time, probably when you least expect it. Our comprehensive disinfection service and our state-of-the-art equipment is what makes us different from the competitors. We use safe eco-friendly chemicals for your health and for any surface. In addition to removing all the dirt that may be on any surface and object, we will also eliminate all kinds of bacteria.

Our years of experience have allowed us to perfect the way we provide a complete disinfection service. Most traditional cleaning services do not pay any attention to details. We have created a service that adjusts to any possible location where the threat of infection follows. We are your local favorite choice in keeping spaces clean, safe, and germs-free.

We care about the well-being of our clients and all the communities we serve. Our mission is to help improve the air quality that surrounds us, maintaining healthy spaces so the people around us can be comfortable in a healthy environment. Our work is backed by thousands of residential, commercial and recreational properties that have benefited from our disinfection advanced technology.

Our commitment is to provide a service that meets all your needs in cleaning and disinfection in the highest quality. We offer you the best solution, so you can be safe, clean, and 100% germs, and infections free.


Our disinfection and comprehensive cleaning service are available to you at any time. You can count on us whenever you need our service, whether its weekends or holidays. The threat of infection never stops and so neither do we. Do you have an emergency and it’s already evening? Give us a call. We’ll assist you right away.


  • We protect your health, your family, pets, employees and clients. By providing safe spaces free of germs, we give you the piece of mind to comfortably be in your home without taking the high risk of infection.
  • We only use environmentally friendly formulas and solutions that have been registered and approved by the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) and certified by OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration), NCHH (National Center for Healthy Housing) as totally safe chemicals. Our solution can be applied to any surface, with no need to be cleaned or rinsed.
  • We are specialists in providing safe and high-quality solutions. We are true experts in disinfection and sanitation.
  • Our service improves air quality 100%, not only in your home or workplace, but in general, since we effectively prevent the spread of germs and infections.
  • We are sure of the effectiveness of our service satisfaction is our guarantee.
  • Full coverage on any surface, object, even in hardly visible cracks and cavities.


We take our work seriously to do our best to help you no matter where you are or what time you need us. Our disinfection service is most effective, fast, safe and affordable service you will ever find. We want to give you a completely different disinfection experience than what you have seen before.

Our disinfection service is ideal for:
  • Residential properties and Houses
  • Commercial Properties
  • Hotel and Hospitality
  • Vehicles and Transport
  • Educational environments and Schools
  • Gym and Trainer centers
  • Medical and Healthcare
  • Day care and Preschool


What you need to know about:

  • Traditional cleaning services are not enough: today, it is necessary to pay close attention to the air quality we breathe, whether we are in our home, in our workplace, or even in our car. Our system will provide you with clean, comfortable and, above all, much safer spaces.
  • We are aware that all people need to live and work in spaces that are germs and bacteria free. We also know that many services are not accessible or effective enough. We have perfected our method so you can have the lifestyle you deserve.
  • There are many cleaning and disinfection methods that use toxic and environmentally damaging chemical formulas. Our work policy includes respecting our planet and the life of all living beings around us. We work exclusively with organic chemicals and eco-friendly solutions.
  • Our system works faster than traditional cleaning, because we work with powerful and practical equipment. Disinfecting any place has never been so easy and effective. Let us turn all your spaces into clean and safe places for you and your family.
  • Many viruses and bacteria are not eliminated by traditional methods. Infections can be highly contagious and spread faster than you can imagine. Protect your home and family in becoming germ-free. It is no longer a privilege it is a necessity. We want to offer you a service that allows you to lead a more comfortable and peaceful environment.


  • -Brandon, 37 years.
    My sister and I have a day care and lately we have been obsessed with providing a much safer and bacteria-free space, especially in the play area, because children are often in contact with different types of surfaces, and they often get dirty. Although we usually clean deeply enough we decided to find a much more efficient solution. The service that you have provided us has completely changed the atmosphere in our day care. Now, the children feel more comfortable and it has given us a lot of peace of mind.
    -Brandon, 37 years.
  • -Stefanie, 40 years.
    My husband and I were very concerned that our children started having severe coughing attacks at night. We tried to clean our house, especially all our bedrooms, but they kept coughing. Finally, we hired the disinfection service for our entire house and my children have had no problems since then. As parents, we are much calmer now. And as customers, we are happy and satisfied.
    -Stefanie, 40 years.
  • -Alessandra, 32 years.
    I never thought I would find such a complete and efficient service. They provided us such excellent solutions, and now my workplace is much safer and cleaner. I have an office that I share with 10 other people and we have all benefited now that we have better air quality. We breathe better, and we also work better. Your service deserves all the stars I could give to you!
    -Alessandra, 32 years.


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