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Mold Removal Services

At TipTop Restoration, we are licensed and certified to address and remediate mold issues. 

Mold remediation is essential for the sake of your health, as well as retaining property value. Regardless of the setting, be it a personal residence, a rental property or commercial business property, mold is no respecter. It is a silent, sometimes invisible enemy, hiding in walls, duct work, water damaged floors and even ceilings. Once a spore matures, it spreads and can become a serious problem. 

Most people are familiar with certain types of mold, whether the green fuzzy stuff on an old loaf of bread, block of cheese, or even the mold growing on trees in the neighborhood. Such mold is easily managed: old food goes into the trash, and trees stay outdoors. However, when mold infiltrates a home or business, such issues can’t be ignored; these molds can cause serious health issues, and property damage. 

The EPA estimates half the homes in the United States possess some type of mold. Some spores are barely noticeable, and have little lasting effect on the livelihoods of residents, yet others, commonly referred to as black mold, or toxic mold, produce mycotoxins that can greatly affect people in their daily lives. People who are generally healthy, yet suffer from frequent sinus infections, adult onset asthma or other respiratory issues may be affected by household mold, and not even realize it. 

TipTop Restoration boasts expertise in testing for various mold spores, and diagnosing the best course of remediation to eliminate harmful mold from a home or business. This includes the use of professional grade herbicides, germicides and finding the root cause behind the mold, such as water damage and rot. 

If you feel you have mold issues, or a doctor has suggested testing for mold, TipTop Restoration is ready to meet your needs. We are licensed and bonded, boasting IICRC professionals who are efficient at identifying mold issues, and solving the problem with a preventative mindset. We work with all insurance companies, and hope to relieve the stress associated with home repair and mold removal. 

We are the restoration experts who care, and are available to serve Greater Los Angeles: LA, Orange, Ventura and Riverside counties. 

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We are the restoration experts who care

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