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Karen A. – Anaheim – 5 Stars

Great customer service!
They help me every step of the way on my house restoration.
Great communication.
Office staff is very responsible and kind. Call them for any restoration project.

Joram S. – Woodland Hills – 5 Stars

I could not ask for a better service !
Joel, Joseph, and Francisco are excellent !
They attended to my water leak right away and took care of it promptly.
Thank you TIPTOP !

Jeanne C. – San Francisco, CA – 5 Stars

I had a leak in the bathroom of my rental property that caused severe water damage. I am so glad I was referred to Tip Top and connected with them. I initially worked with Radu who helped me through the entire process. This was all new to me and very stressful to deal with, but he walked me through everything very thoroughly with patience, kindness and professionalism. They got all the water damage taken care of for me in a timely manner and did a great job. I also worked with Joseph in helping me with the contractor and restoration end of the whole project. He is very nice and accommodating. I really like working with him and appreciate his service and all his help. He communicates well and is knowledgeable. I highly recommend Tip Top. They are reliable and super responsive and I am grateful I worked with them!

Sam B. – Beverly Hills, CA – 5 Stars

I liked working with this company. Our representative, Yaniv, was very wonderful in helping us fix the problem and in dealing with the insurance and also providing good customer service and always being there for us when we needed him. Everything went very smoothly. We were happy with the work they did and feel our home was cleaned up well. I would recommend this company.

Alena T. – Huntington Beach, CA – 5 Stars

I had a kitchen slab leak couple of months ago that was first turned down & rejected by insurance company. Yaniv Toaub, the emergency supervisor with Tip Top Restoration has helped me all the way, first arranged the professional crews to clean up & remove the water damage, moved & stored the large furnitures and later the drying process & mold prevention. He then advised & helped me every step in securing the insurance claims to repair the damage. I am forever grateful for his assistance, his determination & confidence in the profession and highly recommend his service to those who needs. Thanks to him & Tip Top Restoration.

James M. – Los Angeles, CA – 5 Stars

Water damage caused mold in our master bedroom. Called tip top restoration in the afternoon and Shavi from the team came the next morning to assess. Carefully inspected the affected area and even found mold within a wall in the stairwell, which I had not expected. Even checked several other places we have had water issues in past with leaks. He happily got on our house ladder to check with his sensor.

Shavi clearly walked me through the work needed quoted the best price and had his team out the next day to do the work. He made sure his team was extremely safe and careful with the work given I have two young children at home- made it a point. Came back in his free time to reinspect the work and kept in touch via phone and text- very responsive.

Extremely happy with the company and Shavi who we worked with.

Matan A. – Los Angeles, CA – 5 Stars

Best water damage company in town. My sister had a water leak which damaged much of the bottom floor of the property, Tip top Restoration sent their team out immediately at 10 pm to come and inspect as promised. Definitely going to recommend Tip Top Restoration every time.

Thanks again to the team both out on the field and in the office !

Eytan R. – Los Angeles, CA – 5 Stars

One of the worst experiences of my life was coming home to see my entire house was flooded. I called a company that was recommended to me by my insurance company which turned out to be one of the biggest mistakes I’ve ever made. To be fair, they were good in drying out the water that was all over my house. But that was about it. In every room they made a pile of my furniture and didn’t even bother to cover them at all. They were cutting walls and tearing out the floor and all of my furniture, my clothes and even my dishes were absolutely filthy.

.I found Tiptop while searching online. They came the same day I called and were very professional. Mike (the supervisor) brought 5 guys with him and you could tell they came to work. They split into 3 groups of two and each group focused on a room. They labeled all my clothes and made a list of every single article of clothing I had. They sent most of it to be cleaned professionally because of all the dust and dirt that was in the air. They cleaned the carpets and all the furniture, helped me hang photos and other things on my wall. I actually showed them some pictures that showed how the place was setup before the whole thing with that other company. Overall, they are a great crew that did a great job. Not that it was hard to do better than that other company.

I was very concerned about the billing process. The other company overcharged my insurance and I was afraid that they would be hesitant to help me out. I spoke with Dan at Tiptop restoration and he assured me that they would make every effort to ensure that I won’t have to pay out of pocket. I was still hesitant when I signed, but when all was said and done I didn’t have to pay anything out of my own pocket so I guess they lived up to expectations.

My only regret is that I didn’t hire them to do the job from the start. But I guess you live and you learn.