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Fixing a Leaking Water Pipe in Irvine

TipTop Restoration deals with all types of water leak detection and leaking pipe detection. Our specialists have equipment for locating leaking or burst water mains and pipes without lengthy guesswork. This means Tip Top Restoration Company can find the problem and carry out repairs without the needless destruction of existing working pipes. In many cases locating and fixing a leaking water pipe or a burst water pipe can be done right away and save you money.We have technicians trained and solely focused on residential and commercial water leak detection, allowing us to excel in our field, being the most experienced company with a proven track record and large clientele, specializing in the location of leaks in underground water pipes. Many of our clients are also plumbers who rely on our water damage services to save them and their clients, time and money in the situations which will be hard for them to handle.

Our experienced technicians from TipTop Restoration use the latest acoustic leak detection equipment, listening for the noise created by water leaving the pipe. Once we are able to trace the trench line in which the water pipe has been laid, we listen directly above this line for the noise that is being created and usually successfully mark the exact location of your water leak. Depending on the size, depth and material of the water pipe and leak, this method enables us to potentially detect the target leak very quickly. Our company is a leak detection expert with the experience to prove it. We have detected and solved, literally thousands of water pipe leaking problems in the past years. TipTop Restoration and our technicians have the capability to pinpoint the underground location of your water leak to avoid high costs incurred due to water loss. Using our services, our clients have minimized the messy, unnecessary digging and concrete-cutting which are unavoidable when the exact location of a leak is unknown.

Our technicians are trained, experienced and the best in their field at applying Pipe & Cable Locating methods to help determine the underground pipeline positions, which are critical to aid the success of water leak detection. We have multiple pipe locating tools available. If your water pipeline needs to be replaced or added to, we can also help you through this process by identifying the pipe line entry points to buildings. It is our priority and goal to help the client solve their water leaking issue as economically as possible. If you have a residential or commercial property with a leaking underground water pipe, leaving it undetected will cost you unnecessary money in your water bill. Unseen damage to building foundations and the wastage of water adds up an increasingly expensive resource.

If you are looking for the right experience when it comes to complete underground water leak detection services, we have it! Just give us a call and we will come immediately. If you have water dripping from your ceiling or from the base of a wall in your home you may have a pipe burst. TipTop Restoration are your water damage restoration company, we deal with many situations every year where a property owner has arrived home to find their house flooded due to a burst pipe. A water pipe burst may flood your home very quickly and can cause a lot of expensive damage. At Tip Top Restoration, we have the expertise and special equipment to fix a leaking pipe or a burst pipe quickly and efficiently.

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