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How can you Tell if Water Damage is New Or Old?

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Has that water damage always been there? Or did it simply take place? It’s a good idea to determine if water damage is brand-new or old, so that you recognize exactly how extensive the damage may be, and what you need to do to quit the water intrusion. Here are 5 steps you can do to be certain if the water damage was old or new.

Step One: Determine Materials
Water impacts different materials in various ways. If tile, brick, or an additional difficult material has actually been impacted by water damage, chances are the damages is old. It requires time to wear on these materials as well as develop leakages. On the other hand, if your damage remains in drywall, wood floor covering or rug, it could be new or old water damage. Even a little water can impact these materials right now.

Step Two: Try To Find Rings
Drywall, wood floor covering, as well as other softer products may establish “rings” if they have actually experienced water damage over a long period of time. The water takes in as well as blemishes the material. It dries out however leaves a stain behind. If this takes place a couple of times, the result is like numerous rings of water damages, some huge as well as some small. This implies the water damage is old.

In addition, this pattern of water damage implies that the water damage is intermittent. It occurs regularly, yet there are droughts where the material can dry. The source of water could be a pipe that only runs often, like the supply pipeline to the shower. Or, it could be the result of a roof covering leak, which only creates water damage when it rains.

Step Three: Touch the Area
Areas that have brand-new water damage are likely to be wet but not soft. If you touch the water damage and the drywall is soft, the water has had time to soak in and also mess up the integrity of the product. This implies the water damage is most likely to be old. Although, it’s important to keep in mind that tough products like tile may never soften at all.

Step Four: Assess Mold And Mildew
Mold growth can start within 24-48 hours of water damage. If you have noticeable mold on the water harmed area, you understand it has actually been saturated for at the least 48 hours. More substantial mold and mildew growth may show the water damage is even over.

Although, the absence of mold doesn’t necessarily suggest the damage is new. There could be other ecological variables that discuss the absence of mold growth. Maybe it’s too hot or cold for mold and mildew to grow. Or, perhaps the excess wetness dries too swiftly. If you have a HEPA filter running it may be removing mold and mildew spores, limiting their growth on the water damaged area.

Step Five: Ask the Professionals
If you’re asking yourself just how to tell if water damage is new or old, it’s most likely since you’re unsure of the reason, or if you can blame the last proprietor of your residence for the trouble. Consulting with remediation specialists can help. They can assess the age and also extent of the damages. They can additionally help you find the reason as well as restore the damage.

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