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Identifying Toxic Mold in Thousand Oaks

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When you see that your home is infested with mold, it is common that you jump to the conclusion that the mold is toxic. There are more than 200 types of toxicities or mycotoxins released by mold, and not all these are dangerous. It is yet to be discovered the exact numbers of by-products released by mold and waiting to be identified. When you want to know the type of mold appeared in your house and the level of toxic it produces, you must seek assistance from mold remediation companies or a hygienist to conduct mold testing. Mold testing is something that must be done by trained professionals.

  • Mycology – Is a study of fungi and mold remediation professionals are expert in this field of study. They can conduct mold testing to determine the type of mold and the level of toxic it produces to develop, and mold remediation process tailored to your problem.

Mold remediation experts can also identify the causes and symptoms of mold as well as the instances of mold. They can provide you with helpful information on how to clean mold and prevent it from coming back.

Note that toxic mold can be prevented in areas where you cannot see them, and only certified and trained mold removal contractors can identify where to look for molds. They can trace mold by scent or use infrared to look for molds inside your home’s drywall and crawl spaces.

Toxic Molds Release Foul Odor

Potentially toxic mold such as black molds gives off an odor that can be easily determined by anyone exposed to it. However, to identify which spores are present, a hygienist will need to take samples of the mold to conduct lab testing. Lab testing could take a few weeks to make sure the type of mold is appropriately identified, and the correct remediation procedure is done safely and effectively.

Finding the source of toxic mold is the best way to avoid toxic mold. If the source is not removed such as excess water in the basement, pipe leaks underneath the sink of the bathroom, and an inefficient HVAC, mold will recur, and you may end up doing the same process over again.

Be sure to repair and replace any areas with water damage immediately, and mold can grow in these areas, and then spread to areas surrounding the damage. All what you need is to call us! Tip Top Restoration company is the best mold removal company! We can also identify moisture and relative humidity issues, so that the source of the problem is resolved which will eliminate the chance of future growth, and perform thermal imaging tests to spot hidden and unforeseen issues. We will do that all for you!

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