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A serious pipe break can inflict serious financial damage. Professional leak detection saves time otherwise spent blindly stumbling around for answers and saves money with fast, expert water-saving solutions that lead to a fast leak repair.

Slab leak? Water damage on the ceiling? Sewer line backups? Unmarked underground utilities? Water intrusion? Need a pipe repaired, rerouted, or replaced? We take a systematic approach to every job. Our technicians analyze the entire plumbing system to pinpoint exact locations and breaks, and we deliver accurate, sound solutions to keep your repair costs at a minimum.

Water is precious. So are your time and money. Over the past decade, Tiptop Restoration has steadily grown to provide a range of specialized plumbing services, from leak detection, line location, and sewer inspections to an array of plumbing repairs. As an operated company, we pride ourselves on honest, high-quality service. We maintain these high standards by providing our team with consistent, ongoing training. Our experienced detection specialists employ the latest noninvasive, nondestructive detection techniques in concert with state-of-the-art equipment. Our repair crews carefully contain work areas for dust and debris prior to excavation, and identify the most efficient, least destructive repair methods for the job at hand.

Contact us for the best leak detection service in your area. Finding the leak is only half the story. An effective repair, professionally executed and competitively priced, provides the satisfactory ending. Our repair crew arrives at every job with a detailed leak detection report, an arsenal of high-quality tools, and years of plumbing experience. Whether repairing a sub-slab leak or re-piping an entire house, we believe in cost-effective solutions that respond to the particulars of your home and your needs.

We will satisfy all your wishes! Call us!. Our team of administrative and field specialists will determine the best course of action for your particular project based on those requirements and your scope of work. Tiptop Restoration detection and repair technicians have extensive commercial and industrial project experience, and we provide our team with the specialty equipment and tools for inspecting and repairing everything. With Tiptop Restoration expertise and professionalism, you’ll get the timely, cost-effective solutions you need.


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