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Give Tiptop Restoration a call if you have a water service line leak. We can locate it! Fast! If you hear water running and everything in the house is turned off. If your water meter is turning and everything in the house is turned off. If your water bill is higher than usual. If you notice your well pump running excessively. We understand the frustration you feel when a leak is discovered to exist somewhere and the many questions as to what the best remedy might be. The obvious remedies are to repair the leak or replace the entire pipe.

Since locating hidden leaks is what we do I can honestly tell you that every pipe will leak someday and most every leak located is due to a specific problem; i.e. a rock resting on the pipe, a tree root pressing on the pipe or a fitting that has begun to fail. We always recommend addressing the leak issue as a discovery process first. It’s always less expensive to have a leak located and repaired than replacing. Keeping a piece of the pipe during the repair is highly important especially if you are considering a full replacement. Since every pipe will leak, the real question is knowing what kind of pipe material was installed beneath your home or business property. With this sample piece of pipe in hand you will be able to discuss its qualities or lack thereof with anyone in the future should you have another leak.

This can even be a licensed plumber on staff at your local hardware store. If the pipe is good then maybe it’s another rock or root issue needing to be resolved. If the pipe is not so worthy of repair then you can replace it with better justification for the added cost. Yes, there is a lot to consider in terms of remedy options however if you decide to have a leak located, we would love to help! Our service is noninvasive and nondestructive to your property or established landscapes. Tiptop Restoration specializes in locating leaks in residential and commercial plumbing systems inside or outside. We will accurately expose and repair the leak problem with minimal damage or disruption to your property.


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