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Leaking pipes will damage your home call us before it is to late. Tiptop Restoration company are an established and reputable water damage restoration company. Tiptop Restoration company provide a wide range of solutions from water or sewer line repair at residential or commercial premises. Our trained and experienced experts have what it takes to handle any type and size of plumbing problem. Whether you own an enormous commercial property or a simple two bedroom home, you can be sure our team we resolve your problem affordably, effectively and quickly. All what you need is to call us! We offer system installation, emergency repairs, tune-ups and preventative maintenance. Our wide range of service options guarantees you that the health and sanitation needs of your commercial or home environment will be taken care of within the shortest time frame possible. When the health of your family, employees or customers is involved, this means peace of mind. We place a lot of importance on quality work, integrity, and honesty ensuring that we meet all your plumbing needs satisfactorily. We have multiple ways to detect hidden leaks. This gives us a head start before bringing in advanced tools. To narrow down the search area, we have specialized in using the outward signs and clues. After detecting, we now bring in special tools like listening discs which hear water escaping from a pipe through layers of concrete. Pressure sensors are used to locate changes in temperature around a leaking pipe. A video camera is mounted on a long drain snake to get accurate images of the inside of the pipes, show the exact location of the leak, the extent and how appropriate to repair it. We will do that all for you! Call us and we will come immediately! And we will satisfy all your needs!!! Tiptop Restoration company is the best water damage restoration company!! And all our technicians are certified and licensed! So don’t waste your time! Call us!! We are here for you!

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