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Dark spots are signs that water is leaking on to your ceiling. It could be your roof, or it could be a water pipe running above your ceiling. Even if the spot seems small, these dark spots are a serious sign. Unless the source of the leak is identified and fixed, your ceiling will go on soaking up water until one day it saturates the plaster and large chunks of your ceiling collapse.

Damp ceilings are also a perfect medium for molds to grow in, and molds can make you sick. First you have to identify and rectify the source of the leak. Ceiling repair from water damage can be a complicated project. If the leak is small, the source of the contamination is white water, and you’re handy with tools, ceiling repair for water damage is a project you can do yourself.

Once you’ve eliminated the source of the leak, to repair a water damaged ceiling you’ll have to dry the areas above and below the water contamination as quickly as possible. Vacuums and fans are your best tools here to prevention moisture retention. If water is dripping through the ceiling, or the ceiling or drywall is buckling, it’s likely that part of the ceiling will have to be replaced. Be very careful if you notice a bulge in the ceiling.

That often indicates a large amount of pooled water. Should this be the case, you’re looking at a pretty significant amount of water damage and running the risk of mold growth. In those instances, we highly recommend contacting a certified water damage professional from Tiptop Restoration that has years of experience dealing with not only water damage repair but also mold. We’ll create a full assessment of the extent of damage, and should there be mold, but together of remediation plan to ensure things are safely repaired and that all mold is eliminated. Remember, a stain on your ceiling is almost always indicative of water damage and in most cases, the damage is more significant than the just stain.

Catching and fixing the stain early gives you the best chance of avoiding serious damage so that you can fix the water stain itself. If the leak has caused serious damage in addition to the stain, make sure you call our professionals at Tiptop Restoration right away for professional water damage restoration. Our professionals will locate the source of the water and repair damage to the affected building materials, effectively taking care of everything including the stains. The worst thing you can do is neglect the source of the stain and just cover up the blemish.

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