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Mold Abatement in Santa Monica

Mold removal

Mold Abatement with Vinegar

Like other natural mold cleaning products, vinegar is effective in removing mold. At the same time, it is natural and safe to use since it does not produce harmful fumes like chlorine bleach does. To use vinegar is easy. Just pour vinegar into a spray bottle and apply to the moldy surface.  Let it sit for less than an hour. Then, wipe the moldy area clean with water and allow it to dry. The smell of vinegar can be gone for just a few hours.

In using vinegar for mold abatement, just spray it on the surface then leave it. You can repeat this process every after few days to make sure that the area is mold free. Also, you can mop your bathroom and other non-porous areas in the house with vinegar just to make sure they are mold free.

Mold Abatement with Ammonia

Like chlorine-based bleach, ammonia can kill mold and mildew on non-porous surfaces like glass, tiles, and countertops, but does not have 100% effective in killing mold on porous materials such as drywall and wood. Also, ammonia contains harsh, toxic chemicals. When using ammonia, make sure never to mix it with bleach since it can create fumes that are hazardous if inhaled. In fact, ammonia and chlorine solution was used in making chemical weapons during the World War 2. In addition, although ammonia can kill molds on the surface, dead mold spores and debris still cause allergic reactions, so make sure to clean the area after the treatment thoroughly. Follow these steps in killing mold using ammonia.

To abate mold using ammonia, create a cleaning solution following a 50-50 ration of water and ammonia. Transfer the solution into a spray bottle and apply on the mold affected surface.

  • Make sure that you label the bottle with ammonia so that you don’t accidentally mix it with other household cleaning solutions.
  • Let the solution sit for a few minutes before scrubbing and wiping.
  • Do not rinse the surface after cleaning. Allow the solution to disinfect the area and let dry.

Also, be sure to repair and replace any areas with water damage immediately, and mold can grow in these areas, and then spread to areas surrounding the damage. Tip Top Restoration will help you with that! All what you need is to call us! We can also identify moisture and relative humidity issues, so that the source of the problem is resolved which will eliminate the chance of future growth, and perform thermal imaging tests to spot hidden and unforeseen issues. Contact our mold removal team now!

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