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Clearance testing consists of a visual inspection of any area remediated as well as taking air samples. In the event the air samples indicate the remediation was unsuccessful, it will be necessary to consult with technicians from Tip Top Restoration company as to possible causes noted during the visual inspection. The technicians will need to perform additional cleaning, if the air samples indicate a problem. It is important to confirm that the remediation was done properly and that the work area(s) were contained so as not to impact other areas of the residence. If a real estate transaction is involved, the buyer and seller will want documentation that the mold problem has been resolved. And we will give you this protocol. Tip Top Restoration company is real professionals in this way of business! And we know our business! Our experience will make all our customers happy! We inspect attics, foundation crawlspaces and all interior spaces for moisture and mold problems.

We also perform an exterior inspection to identify issues that could lead to interior mold growth. We perform a thermal scan and moisture survey on the home using an infrared camera and moisture meter to detect moisture issues that may be occurring in wall cavities around windows, doors, exterior walls and water appliances. We always have our infrared cameras available during inspections and are used at no additional cost to the client. Two air samples: one from inside the structure and the other one from outside the structure for comparison or Direct samples using bio-slide, swab or bulk methods. Additional air samples as needed, or requested by client. If suspected mold growth is observed during the inspection, we will recommend the best samples to confirm the presence of mold, and to identify the species that are present.

The health effects of mold exposure vary widely between individuals, even those living in close quarters in the same house. Those with compromised immune systems, such as young children, older adults and people taking drugs to suppress cancer are typically most affected. Sensitivities may develop over time from repeated exposures to mold. So don’t waste your time! Call us and we will come and help you with your mold problems! Tip Top Restoration company use professional – grade testing equipment to make sure every spore is accounted for. Before beginning mold removal, a thorough and accurate assessment process is necessary. After an initial evaluation, we can decide where we need to take samples. During this stage of remediation, we’ll be looking for any evidence of fungus, including discoloration, questionable air quality, etc. We’ll take physical samples with tape-lift, swabs, or different tests before moving on to air samples.

While a lot of mold removal companies don’t go to these lengths, we find it extremely important to accurately identify the entire situation before we move on with your mildew removal. Knowing whether we’re dealing with different types of mold (fungus) can make a huge difference in how we proceed. To make sure you receive the best fungus remediation, we take the time to complete the most thorough assessment in the business Tip Top Restoration company will seal off the work area completely with heavy plastic and tape. We use heavy duty plastic bags in order to carry moldy material out of your home, and protect ourselves with full face masks, gloves, and protective clothing. If mustiness has infected your drywall, your carpeting, or other challenging areas, we will use specialized tools to make sure that any moldy material is safely removed as well. While we do our best to clean moldy areas, some areas might be too damaged for cleaning. In this case, we will have to actually remove areas which are beyond salvaging. Of course, if this is the case, you will be informed during our initial assessment so there are no nasty surprises down the line. So call us! And you will have no problems with mold! Health of yours and your family is the most important thing in this life! And we are like doctors! We are mold doctors!

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