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Mold removal

If you think you have a mold problem, Call Tip Top Restoration company. It is an insidious pattern. In fact, mold spores can cause allergic reactions, asthma attacks, chronic sinus infections, fungal infections, and allergic infections. The problems can extend to fatigue and depression. Mold and mildew build up over time in damp areas. They are naturally occurring microorganisms that exist everywhere in our environment. But when the amount of mold in your home exceeds normal levels, it can affect the health of your family, your possessions and the structure itself. Air sampling is the use of a bio-pump which employs forced air to impact spores onto a collection media or cassette. Samples are generally best taken if visual, non-invasive examination reveals apparent mold growth or conditions that could lead to growth, such as moisture intrusion or water damage. Bacterial swabs are similar in procedure to other swab tests, but the swab itself isn’t sent to a lab. Rather, a handheld device gives an immediate reading once the swab is placed into the unit after the suspect area has been lifted. This is a great tool for food industry to insure surfaces being used on a daily basis are free from bacteria and employees are keeping up with their industry standard responsibilities. We can also identify moisture and relative humidity issues, so that the source of the problem is resolved which will eliminate the chance of future growth, and perform thermal imaging tests to spot hidden and unforeseen issues. We will do that all for you! So all what you need is to call us! Our company performs all types of mold remediation, ranging from dry rot to dangerous black mold and pink, yellow and white molds. Mold can grow in virtually any area of a home, and we commonly see problems you have! And we will do all so you will have no problems with mold after us!

If you do not know what a mold is, let us explain you. Mold is a kind of fungus that grows virtually everywhere. Even if you do not see it, the mold is actually present in every surface. Molds multiply by traveling through the air as tiny spores which like to make their home in wet areas. It grows fastest in warm temperatures and can adversely affect the health of your family members, so it is very important to keep it in check. The first and the most important step to stop mold from multiplying is to find and eliminate the source of the problem. You need to check your home and see where is the moisture. If the area where the mold is found is not large you can probably handle the moisture problem. You should also increase ventilation, so the mold could not grow. Another thing is providing fresh air. So, now you see that there is a lot of things that you can do to help yourself in a battle with mold. Just remember, act quickly when you first notice a mold in your home. But better call Tip Top Restoration company and we will do that all! Because it is necessary to hire a professional company like Tip Top Restoration for mold removal process. So mold will be gone! One of the best ways to prevent mold in bathroom is proper ventilation. Run your fan during showers and let it continue to go even after you’re done.

Tip Top Restoration company also recommends opening your bathroom window during and after your shower to release the excess steam. Regular plumbing services are a great way to stave off mold removal. Keep drain cleaner handy and call a plumber regularly for standard maintenance. A clogged tub or sink can lead to standing water, which is the ideal breeding ground for mold. Overflowing toilets, leaky pipes, and just about any other plumbing issue can lead to mold growth. Keep your plumbing under control and you may not have to call our company for mold removal.

Another tip from Tip Top Restoration company is to keep your bathroom as clean as possible. Regular deep cleaning sessions can keep your bathroom not only looking its best, but also turn it into a hostile zone for mold. If you can, try to clean your bathroom at least once a week, taking special care to get into your grout, tub, shower, toilet, sink, mirrors, and floor. Remember, mold is a preventable issue but there’s only so much you can do. If you suspect that you may have mold growing in your home, don’t hesitate – call Tip Top Restoration company for mold inspection!

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