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Washing Machine Leak in Santa Monica

water damage leak

Residential water damage is often caused by common household leaks that you can prevent. An example would be leaks coming from your washing machine. If your washing machine has a leak and if it’s not fixed immediately, they can lead to costly damage. Water leaks can damage your floor, walls, and other valuable items at home. It can disrupt your life during repair and restoration. There are many causes of washing machine leaks and overflows. If the machine has not been installed properly, it can cause a leak. It is important that you ask for a professional service to inspect its installation.

Another common leak is a loose hose. Make sure you inspect the hose that is connected from the water source to the washer or from the washer to the drain if it is firm. Check whether the drain hose is correctly lined up with the standpipe drain in the wall or if it is placed properly toward the floor drain. Replace any faulty hose as it could wear and tear after few years. It is also important to inspect whether the water level switch is working properly. There are occasions when it may fail to perform because of a clogged hose or a small hole in the clog. Check if the water inlet valve is working properly or if there is clogging in the standpipe drain of your home. This is to make sure that water is properly controlled and does not result in overflow. You must check the standpipe if it manages the water being released to the sewer correctly. The sewer should not be clogged as well to prevent overflow. You can also prevent leaks by using the correct amount of detergent because too much detergent can result in clogging of the tube. Installing a flood sensor also helps you to determine instantly that there is water on the floor.

When you see that there is a leak, you should turn off the source of water in your home. You should do this before you attempt to do plumbing repair. Water that leaks on the floor from the water supply line is clean. Leaks from a washing machine may not always be clean. The water may not be the same because it can be from dirty laundry or from the sewer. The water can have bacteria.

When there is water damage caused by your washing machine, don’t worry about cleaning up and drying out the affected area alone.To prevent the growth of mold, mildew, and foul odor it is necessary to also sanitize the affected area. If water damage covers a large area of your home, you should call TipTop Restoration to perform professional water damage restoration. Water damage like this is destructive to the structure of your home if not properly dried.

Call TipTop Restoration, we will be happy to provide you with a free cost estimate for any flooding damage you may have! Once you’ve done what you can, it’s imperative to call a water damage repair company like us! While your loss is most certainly covered by insurance, you never need a claim to begin saving your home and its contents. The longer you wait for professional help, the more the water damage will spread and the greater the cost will be to your insurer. So call us now and we will be happy to provide you with a free cost estimate for any flooding damage you may have!

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