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Water Damage caused by Natural Disasters in Orange County

roof leak

Flood insurance may provide benefits for interior damage caused by flood waters entering insured homes and properties, however, many times interior water damage is caused not by the flood waters, but rather, by water blown by the wind that somehow enters a structure. One of the most natural elements needed in the environment can also cause major damages to a home. Most of us see rainwater as part of the normal cycle and harmless. However, excessive rain can cause significant water damage to a home if not directed from the exposed spots.

Water damage in a home can occur in many ways including leaks or seepage in the foundation, poorly sealed windows, and openings in the roof or siding.  Excessive rainfall can lead to considerable damage in a home as it has the potential to flood basements, ruin foundations and building materials, and contribute to mold growth. It is important for homeowners to be aware of how rain can lead to water damage in their homes how they can prevent it. If you already have water damage! Call our company and we will do all to satisfy all your needs! We will handle the situation! And when the work will be done you couldn’t even remember those terrible moments!

When working with water damage sump pumps are effective for keeping excess rainwater out. It is important when using the sump pump to be sure that it also drains away from the foundation. A Sump pump often has a professional inspect it by technicians from our company once a year for any issues. Sump pump malfunction could leave your home vulnerable to flooding. Rain water can leak into your home through holes in the roof, poorly sealed doors and windows, and cracks in the foundation. Make sure you check these common areas and we will repair any damage that could allow a water leak. We may also want to remove tree branches that are close to the roof or siding of your home because they could cause damage.

The good news is that certified water damage remediation professionals from Tip Top Restoration company have the training, experience and specialized equipment to restore your indoor environment to a safe, healthy state after water damage. TipTop Restoration offers competitive prices on all water damage restoration work, and all our services are fully guaranteed. The surveyors and service personnel are committed to providing quality support, and we are accustomed to working with the insurance industry. The staff will assist you with any insurance claims you may be required to undertake. Our quotes are reasonable! If you recently discovered water damage from a leak in your home you may be going through a very frustrating time. Cheer up we have solutions. Rain-related water intrusion is one of the leading causes of water damage and degradation of a home. For the most part, you may not have much of an idea of what caused the leak in the first place. But we do. Depending on the composition of your home and the location of the leak, there can be several causes for the rain related water damage you are experiencing.

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