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TipTop Restoration offers top-quality water damage restoration services to both residential and commercial clients. Our team is trained and experienced in extracting water and drying areas that suffer minor or major water damage. Water damage happens to home and businesses for many different reasons and Tip Top Restoration is fully equipped and prepared to handle any type of water damage disaster.Our team will respond immediately to water damage emergencies caused by flooding, sewage backups, pipe bursts, and more. Not only will our team respond immediately, but we will be on site to begin the water removal and cleanup up process to keep the damage from becoming worse and causing a bigger problem.

At TipTop Restoration, we provide quality flood damage removal, sewage cleanup and mold remediation services. We are an operated company with more than 10 years of experience in water damage cleanup and removal. Our techs are IICRC Certified. We are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week for all immediate and emergency needs.  Water damage refers to the destructive processes that result when water intrudes into a building and its components. Examples of water damage include rotting wood, oxidation of metal, microbial growth, and de-lamination of composite building materials.

Once water seeps into building materials such as wood, dry wall, or masonry, a natural chemical reaction starts to occur, breaking down the integrity of the material. If left unaddressed, water damage can cause the stability of a structure to be compromised, making it unsafe for human occupancy. In addition, grey water, or water that contains significant chemical, biological, or physical elements, may quickly become hazardous to human exposure as microbes and other contaminants begin to grow to dangerous levels when water has been standing in excess of 48-72 hours. Experiencing sewage backup or toilet overflow problems is more than damaging to your home or property.

Sewage water may contain viruses, bacteria and other harmful microbes that can cause life-threatening illnesses. We provide you with sewage cleanup and sewage removal to keep you and your loved ones safe. Sewage spills require immediate and appropriate sewage cleanup. Sewage, which is also known as black water, has the potential to cause extreme damage. It’s critical that only trained professionals with the right equipment should handle sewage removal. Call our experienced sewage cleanup and restoration team if you are experiencing sewage damage in your home or office. If you are a victim of residential or commercial water damage and need immediate water damage repairs, contact us today at TipTop Restoration.

We will help you with any and all emergency water damage situations. Drying and disinfecting is an important part of the water remediation process. Successful restoration is not possible for an area that has not been dried first. Our team knows which equipment is best for different types of jobs and will work diligently to make sure every spot is dried and ready for restoration. Without proper drying, your property is at risk of suffering major structural damage and mold growth. Disinfecting water damaged areas is extremely important as well. Some water damage disasters happen with clean water that does not contain unsafe bacteria and pose no health threats. But, some water damage situations are caused by contaminated water that pose serious health risks and disinfecting the affected areas is required. Our team knows every step in the water remediation process to make sure that your property is clean, safe, and protected throughout the entire process!

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