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What Causes the Mold in Pasadena?

Mold removal

What Causes the Mold?

It is advantageous to know the source of moisture that caused mold growth inside your home in determining whether you should hire a mold remediation company or do the job yourself. Obviously, addressing the source of the moisture is necessary apart from removing the mold. Also, knowing the cause and extend of the moisture can help you determine the extend of the mold damage, especially when you know how long the moisture has been a problem. For an instance, you can determine when the roof has started leaking from a small hole which will let you know how deep and ho much mold had grown in your attic.

Note that problems arise when things are unknown. Even if you identified the cause of the moisture, you cannot be certain how long the leak was and how deep the mold has penetrated you home. Therefore, calling a professional mold removal company is the best way to get rid of mold. Tip Top Restoration is the best option for you. We can help you 24/7.

Although the cost of mold remediation service is not cheap, the health and safety of your family is your top priority. The cost of doctor’s visits and home repairs may be more than what you must pay to get the mold removed from your home.

If the affected area is a small one, you can opt out from hiring contractors and do the job yourself. You can spend a few dollars from buying mold cleaning supplies. However, if you’re concerned about breathing mold spores while getting the job done, you can buy a respirator that can cost you about $25 for a simple nose and mouth version. A full-face unit can cost you around $125.

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