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What is the Most Common Cause of a Home Fire in Redondo Beach?

Home fires are dreadful, and they take place more often than people might think. Together with these statistics, companies like ours have provided fire restoration services for many homes. It is important that you recognize the most frequent ways a house fire is because any potential for fire should not be ignored. To make certain your openness, we have organized a range of the most frequent causes of home fires.

Children are generally curious, and flame could be delightful for them. Take supplemental precautions and don’t forget that your kids know how to clean the area and they know their address if they should call 911.

Candles are attractive things to place around the house. They are decorative and create your own home fragrant, but they’re also an extreme fire damage threat. Keep your candles from probably fire dangers like magazines, newspapers and draperies, and always blow them out as soon as you leave the distance.

Cigarettes in Your Home

In case it has to do with fire hazards, cigarettes are dangerous since they can collapse into the ground and burn off a couple of hours. Leaving your home to smoke could be the perfect approach to skip a collision from happening.


Making foods in the home is just one of the significant culprits to house fires, particularly when nobody is there to observe the kitchen. Many fire damage restorations in Redondo Beach are required due to abandoned activities from the kitchen. It is very important to remain in the kitchen while cooking or to ask an individual to view it in the event you leave the space.

Your Electric Equipment

Appliances with electricity, such as coffee makers and microwaves need to be viewed after and put in areas which aren’t risky. If a number of your electric equipment has a bad cord, then they are a fire hazard. Constantly verify your electrical outlets are not overloaded.

A House with Damaged Wiring

Homes with faulty wiring cause electrical issues that might cause a home fire. This poses a problem since it isn’t in plain sight, however, there are a couple of things you can watch outside to see some faulty wiring in your home:

Your lighting dim when a different appliance is in use

You have to disconnect something to get an appliance to function

Your circuit trips often

If that is the problem, avoid fire damage, fix the matter and get an electrician or contact your landlord.

Fires made from sprays are extremely common, and that’s why it’s essential to keep them maintained. To stop your house from needing fire restoration services, always clean out the lint trap before using it, and inspect the dryer duct regularly because lint can get trapped in there also.

Liquids Which Are Flammable

Whenever you’re maintaining your fluids, check the label to make sure that the material is not a fire threat, otherwise do not save them using a heating supply.

Christmas Trees in the Home

Each winter, holiday cheer can be obtained to your home through Christmas trees along with a workable house fire. In the event you’ve got a live tree, then it’s essential to cut a small section from the back so the tree may consume water. Watering your tree regularly and keeping it moisturized is also an essential step. Before turning into the night, check to see that your own Christmas lights have been turned off too. You could think about getting an artificial tree to rule out flame harm.

It is a challenge to delete all possible dangers for flame, however, understanding the most typical causes of home fires may remove your risk appreciably. In the event you’ve experienced any fire damage to your own property in Redondo Beach, don’t be afraid to call a specialist that offers fire restoration services, such as us. We are a fire restoration company that may have the house brought back to the former condition.


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