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Mold Abatement with Borax in Santa Monica

Mold removal

Using borax to abate mold has many advantages. Borax is cleaning product that is less toxic compared to other mold cleaning solutions. It does not produce toxic chemicals and fumes like chlorine-based bleach. It is a while colored mineral powder with pH level of 9 and has low toxicity. Borax is commonly used for cleaning drains and toilets as well as a deodorizer. Also, it can be used as fungicide, herbicide, and pesticide. To create a mold cleaning solution with borax, simply mix it with water and spray over the mold. Borax cab be bought at supermarkets in the laundry section. To use borax for mold abatement, follow these steps.

  • Combine borax with water using a ratio of 1 gallon of water per 1 cup.
  • Use vacuum to get rid of any lose mold prior to removing it to make sure that mold spores are not mixed with the air and spread other areas of the house that are mold free.
  • Apply borax-water solution onto the mold and gently brush it in a circular motion.
  • Once done, using a damp cloth, wipe off excess mold particles to prevent them from spreading out to other surfaces of the house.
  • Never rinse the treated surface. Instead, apply borax on the treated area and let it dry. This will sanitize the surface preventing mold from growing again.

Mold Removal with Chlorine-Based Bleach

Bleach is a household cleaning product that can effectively kill mold and preventing future growth. However, bleach is not 100% efficient in getting rid of mold on no-porous surfaces such as bathtubs, tiles, countertops, and glass. The chemicals of bleach that kill mold cannot penetrate the root levels of mold. However, bleach is still effective if you’re dealing with small mold issues in your home. It is an affordable way to keep our home safe from health hazards of mol and mildew.

Note that chlorine-based bleach produces harmful fumes, so make sure that the area you’re working has proper ventilation. Also, you must wear safety gloves and goggles during the process.

  • Mix bleach with water following 1 cup of bleach, 1 gallon of water ration.
  • Apply the mold cleaning solution on visible mold using a cloth, sponge, or a spray bottle.

You must not rinse the surface after the mold abatement process as the chemicals of bleach can prevent future mold growth.

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