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Mold removal and remediation in Redondo Beach

Mold removal

Mold thrives in damp, humid conditions. The spores are microscopic, so unless the growth has progressed to a stage where you can already see it forming, you may not even know you have a mold problem. Some types of mold are essentially harmless, but other types can cause allergies, respiratory irritation, serious health issues, or even death. At Tip Top Restoration Company, we can perform a thorough inspection of areas recently afflicted by water damage, especially humid or damp areas, or other areas of concern to determine if you have mold. Our certified and highly trained professionals are adept at searching out the underlying source of mold growth and developing a plan to halt growth in its tracks. It’s important to choose a mold inspection company with the experience and credentials to handle mold safely.

Tip Top Restoration Company has been a leader in the industry, and we have developed an exhaustive set of professional protocols for offering safe and effective mold inspections to residential and commercial customers. If we discover there is mold present, or if you already have visible mold growth, Tip Top Restoration Company also offers superior mold remediation and removal services. Mold may be a necessary part of nature, but it doesn’t belong growing inside your home. At Tip Top Restoration Company, we offer highly qualified mold remodal services to seek out mold, contain it, and stop growth at the source. With many years of experience in the industry, the team at Tip Top Restoration Company can provide skillful services completed safely and efficiently. Microscopic mold spores travel through the air and may come to rest anywhere. The problem occurs when mold spores meet up with moisture and humidity. These conditions encourage rapid growth, which can lead to health issues, including respiratory irritation, runny nose, aggravated asthma attacks, or worse. We are trained and certified to complete mold remediation and removal services safely and effectively. Our expert professionals wear personal protective equipment at all times during the process and monitor airflow to prevent the spread of spores to other areas of the building or property. One of the worst contaminants known is the silent but dangerous growth of mold. Mold can grow indoors on wet or damp surfaces, such as wallpaper, ceiling tiles, carpets, insulation material, wood and drywall. It can start to grow within 48 hours and if left unchecked, can have serious impacts on both your quality of life and your home’s physical structure.

If you see signs of mold or suspect that it has infected your home, we’re here to help remediate the problem and prevent long-term damage. If there are dark spots on your ceiling, floors or walls, this is a sure sign of mold growth. Musty odors and mildew are often signs that mold may be growing in your home. Respiratory and allergy symptoms such as coughing, sneezing, trouble breathing and wheezing are a common indicator of mold growth as well. Also, high humidity levels such as condensation on glass and metal surfaces are a warning sign of mold.

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