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Moldy Walls in Redondo Beach

Mold removal

Getting Rid of Molds from Walls

Molds from walls are easy to remove. For molds on non-porous walls, you can easily remove it using coming household cleaning solutions and wipe them away with a damp cloth. Vinegar, borax, and chlorine bleach are just few of household cleaning materials you can use to clean mold.

However, for houses with porous walls, such as wood or unpainted dry-wall, you will need to remove the wall to get rid of the mold that grows on it. The main reason why you need to cut the wall is because mold grows inside of the wall and not on the surface.

Removing Molds on Drywalls – The drywall is a high-cellulose substance. It is the most common material where mold can grow at home. There is no better way of removing old in the drywall rather than removing the wall. Cut down the affected area of the wall and dispose it. This means that you will need to fix the wall after cleaning.

Removing Mold Behind Walls – The behind walls are commonly humid and damp, so it is not a surprise if molds grow in it. Molds can also grow behind wallpaper due to the wallpaper glue used on attaching it. Glue can catch debris that can become food for mold. Look for molds behind walls, you will need to do an invasive inspection and mold testing.

Discoloration, peeling paint, and bulging on the walls are signs of molds in the wall. Once you see these signs, check your walls immediately to avoid further damage to structure. Another sign of mold growth is the musty odor in your home or if your family is suffering from allergic reactions and your doctor could not tell the real cause.

If you suspect that you may have mold growing in your home, don’t hesitate – call Tip Top Restoration company for mold removal!

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