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Most Common Places to Find Mold in Your Home in Anaheim

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Some of the most common places that mold is found in a home is not always the places you would think to look.  Here are some different places in a home that mold is very commonly found but is sometimes overlooked.

  1. Behind a washing machine unit – Washing machine units are attached to a water line and are very close to the wall typically.  They do not get moved very often or cleaned behind, because of this, a slow leak in a water line to the washine machine can cause mold and be unnoticed for a long period of time.  All it would take for mold to start in a place like this is a small leak in a gasket for the water line or washing machine drain.
  2. Under the kitchen sink – Many people have a supply of cleaning products down below their sink, because of this it can often hide a small leak that happens or water running down your cabinet and then sitting inside the doors.  The small area and ability for water to be actively leaking there lead it to be one of the most common places that mold is found.
  3. Shower walls / ceiling – Homes are not always built with the best ventilation in bathrooms, because of this it can be a breeding ground for mold when water and moisture is all over with no place to go.
  4. Inside walls of the exterior of a home – Siding or Roof tiles are not full-proof, sometimes they get cracked, get removed, fall off, get damaged. All of these things can easily lead to water intrusion happening in your home leading to mold on the interior of the wall.
  5. Window Sills – You wouldn’t think that a window would have much of a chance to bring mold into the home, however it has a great chance of that happening.  When you open and close a window for years on end, the seal on the inside of the window can break down, allowing moisture to slowly creep into the home.  If this gets worse and worse over time or goes unnoticed, it can begin to grow mold around the window sill or in the air.
  6. Carpeting – To the naked eye many times carpet just looks dirty or discolored, however it is a very common place for mold to grow because of it’s porous nature and gravity.  Water wants to go to the ground, plain and simple, so the carpet naturally will catch a lot of the moisture and water in a home, if not cleaned up properly enough times it will start to grow mold in and under the carpet and pad.  Something to watch out for in little children’s rooms as they do spill things quite often J

Overall, any area with either poor ventilation or the ability to have a water leak or water intrusion happen is a common place that mold can occur.  With a little bit of moisture and warmth, mold can grow quite rampant.

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