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Removing Black Mold Using Ammonia in Long Beach

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Getting Rid of Black Mold Using Chemical Free Solutions

There are different kinds of black mold killing products available at affordable prices. However, many of these products contain toxic chemicals that making them harmful to be used indoors. A great care must be done when using these products to avoid accidents. Also, you will need to use mask and gloves as well as make sure there is enough ventilation when conducting the mold removal procedure. The good news is that there are other ways to get rid of black mold without using toxic chemicals.

Removing Black Mold Using Ammonia

Using ammonia to kill black molds is found effective. Ammonia is a good disinfectant and does a good job in getting rid of black mold on non-porous, and hard surfaces. These surfaces include kitchen counters, shower doors, and bathroom sinks. Also, ammonia is cheap and easy to find in hardware and grocery stores.

However, using ammonia has some disadvantages. The active ingredients of ammonia (like bleach) do not penetrate to porous materials such as particle board, sheetrock, and drop-down ceiling tiles. To make sure that black mold is completely removed, you must get to its roots and ammonia as well as chlorinated bleach are not 100% effective in doing this. There are other cleaning products that can kill mold effectively at its root level.  Vinegar and baking soda are non-toxic alternatives to ammonia.

Also, remember that ammonia is an eye and skin irritant. Its fumes are toxic too. The fumes of ammonia are poisonous and linked to death if exposed to high amounts. Avoid using this in areas with lethal to no ventilation at all. Ammonia reacts strongly with bleach. Make sure to label your bottles of cleaning solutions and ready carefully the instructions before mixing them.

How to Use Ammonia in Removing Black Mold

Wear gloves and a respirator when using ammonia based black mold cleaning solutions. Never mix chlorinated bleach with ammonia.

Open nearby doors and windows to allow air to flow in the area you are working at. This will allow fumes to dissipate. Large mold removal jobs will need sealing off the area to avoid mold spores from spreading out.

  • Combine water with ammonia in 50/50 proportions.
  • Transfer the cleaning solution into a bottle spray and apply generously to contaminated areas.
  • Allow the solution to sit for up to 10 minutes.
  • Using a small brush or sponge, scrub the surface and wipe clean.
  • If necessary, repeat this process until visible black molds are completely removed.

Most of the time, mold cleaning solutions readily available in the market already contain ammonia. Be cautious in following instructions on how to use them to make sure you do not mix them with chlorinated bleach.

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