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Removing Large Clusters of Mold in Los Alamitos

Mold removal

You can get rid of visible molds in the bathrooms, under the kitchen sink, decks, and sidings with a household cleaning bleach in just a few minutes. However, mold can grow in areas that you cannot notice until the surface is staining. If you tackle a mold abatement procedure in large concentrations for an area more than 10 square feet, where you find water damage, it is recommended that you take extra precautions. You would want to clean the house and at the same time protect yourself from inhaling toxic fumes and mold spores.

  • Wear old shoes and clothes that you can dispose of right after cleaning.
  • Wear goggles and gloves as well as P-100 or N-95 respirators.
  • Open nearby windows and doors to allow ventilation in the area you’re working at.
  • Wrap mold infested debris in 6-mil plastic bag and discard them off.
  • Turn off your HVAC or furnace and cover doors and ducts to avoid mold spores from circulating the entire house.

Note that large mold infestation and moisture damage go hand in hand, so make sure that you address the moisture issue right after cleaning up to prevent mold from coming back.

Removing Moldy Carpet

Using a utility knife, cut musty or stained carpets and pads into small sections. Use a pump sprayer to mist the affected surfaces with water to prevent the spread of spores and roll it up. Double wrap them in a 6-mil plastic bag and use duct tape to seal off mold spores before disposal.

Seal Off Affected Areas

Seal off areas from the rest of your home. You can use overlapping plastic sheeting to cover doorways and windows that connect the rest of your home. Also, do not forget to cover all air ducts.

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