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Cleaning Mold in Los Alamitos

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Removing Mold from the Drywall

You need to open drywalls to remove the mold that grows inside. Since you need to restore the wall after cleaning, don’t hesitate in cutting the wall beyond to make sure you get rid of the mold roots then let the wall dry out. To prevent cutting electrical wires, create a hole into the affected areas using a screw driver and locate the wires first. Make sure to cut off the power before you begin cutting the wall. To cover the spread of mold spores, mist the moldy drywall using a small spray bottle.

Clean and Repair

Vacuum up debris to complete the initial cleanup. Make sure to clean the vacuum and dry it out after cleaning thoroughly. Dispose of the filer and wash up the tank, the hose, the nozzle, and other attachments with water and bleach solution. When vacuuming mold debris, make sure that you use enough length of hose to keep the vacuum tank outside your home. This way you can avoid the spread of mold spores to other areas of the house.

After vacuuming the cleaned area, scrub the once moldy surfaces with a mold cleaner. You can use a mixture of ½ cup mold cleaner and 1 qt. of water to kill the mold completely. Using a small brush, scrub the affected area in a circular motion. Do not rinse after brushing, let the mold cleaning solution to sit for a few minutes to completely kill the remaining molds and let dry.

Tips to Prevent Mold

Now that you know how to get rid of mold, you want to prevent them from coming back. The simplest way to prevent mold is to control moisture and dampness. The worst mold infestation happens typically in areas of the house with dampness such as in the attic, crawl spaces, and the dry walls where water has penetrated from the outside. Basements with poor drainage are also susceptible to dampness. Therefore, to avoid the cost of mold abatement, you must stop leaks and make sure that these areas have enough ventilation. This can help you keep the attic and crawl spaces to dry out in case water penetrates your home after the rain or a storm.

Remember, mold is a preventable issue but there’s only so much you can do. If you suspect that you may have mold growing in your home, don’t hesitate – call Tip Top Restoration company for mold inspection.

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