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Water is one of the most common causes of damage in homes, and it represents a large number of insurance claims. Water damage to your property can happen from any number of sources such as clogged toilets, sinks and tubes. Costs to repair water damage can be extensive, so it is always good to know when your insurance will cover a water damage claim.

We are here to help you so you will have no problems with water damage! Our professional technicians will handle all your problems with water damage! Sewer backup describes what happens when water comes up or is pushed into your home through the pipes from sewer or drainage systems. It is a very unpleasant type of water damage because it often involves dirty water from the sewers that will not only destroy your personal property but can also impact your health because it’s so unsanitary.

Most people don’t know a lot about sewer backup coverage if they’ve never had to make a claim. Sewer backup can cause thousands of dollars in damage. If the city main gets blocked, it may cause water to back up into your home through your pipes. When you have older pipes, sewer lines and water entry pipes, tree roots can find their way into the pipes and cause blockages.

You can check for this problem on your own lines by having a plumber from Tip Top Restoration to check your pipelines with a camera and do some basic preventative maintenance on your home. Whether due to natural factors, appliance malfunction or broken water pipes, water damage is a serious situation that calls for prompt and effective actions.

Our teams of experienced professionals are ready to assist you with immediate water removal and follow-up home restoration and refurbishment to bring you back the safety and comfort of your property. Book a timely and efficient service on our 24/7 phone line or visit our website.


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