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In the event of flood or water damage, Tiptop Restoration will restore your home or property to its clean and dry state as quickly as possible. As you can imagine, the faster we get to work removing the excess water and drying out the structure and your belongings, the less damage there will be to repair. Wet, damp, or humid conditions can lead to severe structural weakening, rot, and dangerous mold growth if not dealt with swiftly. That’s why we’re proud to boast the best response rates in the industry. Call in the service team for outstanding water damage restoration and repair as soon as you can.

Finding its way into ceilings, walls, furniture, and cabinets, water damage can be both a visible and hidden problem in your home. Waiting longer than 48 hours to address the issue increases your chances for more serious damage to occur. Our expert team members understand the urgency in which water damage needs to be addressed. Upon arrival, they work immediately to reduce the chances of secondary damages from transpiring. Water damage can begin with subtle changes that might not be immediately apparent – such as an odd smell. Addressing the problem quickly can significantly reduce the chances of permanent damage from occurring, while also reducing restoration costs.

The longer a water problem is ignored, the greater the chance arises for more extensive damage. Our team of experts use top-of-the-line tools and techniques to remove water from the premises. Once water is extracted, the drying process can begin on your property. We work to control the moisture in the area to prevent further damage. Afterwards, we will clean and disinfect your home to ensure it remains a safe place for you and your family. And we available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Call us, don’t waste your time if you already got water damage!


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